We Inject Your Business with New Customers by Harnessing the Unstoppable Power of PPC Google Ads.

We understand that you want more customers and have ambitions beyond being a small business. That’s why we supercharge your growth by attracting new customers through the powerful tool of Google Ads.

We make Google search simple.


We are recognised experts in setting up, managing and results driven Google Ads PPC campaigns for our local small businesses. We make Google search simple by leveraging the thousands of potential local customers using Google every single second of every single day.

With very little cost, we can help you reach new customers who are actively searching for your services using Goole PPC. This opens up a whole new stream of calls and potential new business within hours. Our expertise in Google Ads ensures that your search advertising is optimised for maximum impact and results

What exactly do we do?

Google Ads is a powerful online advertising program offered by Google. With Google Ads, we have the ability to create highly targeted and cost-effective online ads that reach the right audience at the precise moment they show interest in the products and services you provide.

Our team is proud to be recognised as Google Ads Certified Professionals. This distinction signifies that we have successfully passed multiple assessments evaluating our expertise in the Google Ads product. As qualified professionals, we are equipped to assist you in growing your business online by leveraging the potential of Google Ads.

How do we do it?


We specialise in closely collaborating with small businesses to target the precise customers who are actively seeking your specific services through the extensive Google search network. We present your online advertisements to this exact audience.

However, we understand that success isn’t always straightforward. That’s where our expertise comes in. We invest significant effort behind the scenes to conduct thorough research on your business, competitors, and target customers. This enables us to create a results-oriented online advertising campaign that drives new business opportunities your way.

Can you give me an example?

Introducing Pete, your go-to mobile car valeter and detailer in your local area. With a passion for cleaning cars, Pete is determined to make the most of his skills and fill his schedule throughout the week.


To help Pete maximise his business potential, we developed a tailored PPC solution that revolves around a strategic Google Ads campaign and dedicated webpages.



By targeting Google searches within a 15-mile radius of Pete’s location, we ensure that whenever someone searches for terms like ‘mobile car detailer’ or ‘car valeting near me,’ Pete’s advertisement appears prominently at the top of the search results.



When potential customers click on Pete’s compelling ad, they are directed to a carefully crafted response webpage that we have designed exclusively for his detailing and valeting business. This page provides all the necessary information and a seamless experience to the visitors, guiding them towards taking the desired action of making a booking.



Within just a few clicks, Pete has the potential customer on the phone, engaging in a conversation, and efficiently booking a visit to clean their car to showroom perfection. Thanks to our streamlined approach, this entire process takes mere minutes, saving both Pete and his customers valuable time.



With our targeted Google Ads campaign and optimised webpages, Pete’s diary now remains filled throughout the week, enabling him to provide his exceptional car detailing services whenever they are needed. 

How much does this cost?

One of the remarkable advantages of Google Ads is that displaying your advertisement in search results doesn’t come with any upfront costs. Unlike traditional offline advertising methods, you won’t need to spend a single penny just to have your ad appear.

With Google Ads, you only incur a cost when someone actually clicks on your ad. This payment model is commonly known as ‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC.

Having the right Search Partner to set up and manage your Google Ads is crucial. Their expertise ensures that your ads are precisely targeted to reach the right audience, specifically those who are actively seeking your services. By eliminating irrelevant clicks and uninterested individuals, we effectively save your advertising budget from being wasted.

On the flip side, if no one clicks on your ad, you won’t be charged anything. It’s a win-win situation where you only pay when your ad generates valuable clicks.

With our experience and proficiency in managing Google Ads, we ensure that your advertising investment is optimized to its fullest potential, reaching the right people at the right time. Trust us to handle your Google Ads campaign and enjoy the benefits of targeted advertising without unnecessary expenses.

Don't just take our word for it.

AVS Detailing

We helped AVS Detailing generate an impressive six leads within hours of going live.

AVS Detailing had previously run a Google Ads campaign that proved to be ineffective and more importantly burning through their budget with no results. Recognising the need for improvement, we conducted a thorough review of their entire campaign, identifying areas of wastage. 


Taking advantage of our expertise in high-converting yet cost-effective techniques, we meticulously crafted new campaigns tailored to their specific needs.


In addition, we developed a polished and conversion-oriented landing page that yielded remarkable results within a mere 24 hours. To be precise, this landing page combined with our campaign management  generated an impressive six leads within hours at a cost of less than £6.

What else do you do?

We want to emphasise that our sole focus and expertise lie in the research,  consultation,  creation and management of Google Ads.


We are not an advertising agency, nor are we salespeople. Additionally, we do not engage in any other unrelated activities, such as hobby gardening.


Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional services specifically tailored to your business needs. We excel in the realm of Google Ads, ensuring that your online advertising campaigns are optimised and effectively reach your target audience. 


With our expertise, you can trust us to handle your Google Ads efficiently and professionally.

So now what?

Simply fill in your details below and we will get back to you for an informal chat. There is definitely no hard sell or pressure, we don’t work like that.